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The Legacy Story

A Family Legacy

Life’s "Legacy Images" in an Instant

"Capturing Your Moments In Time..."

In Jay Stearns’ formative years as a professional photographer, long before he created Legacy Studios, he realized that he inherited, from his father, the intrinsic ability to see what many other photographers miss. He was given "The Gift” of Capturing Light, Emotion and Composition.

Stan Stearns, Jay's father, was best known for capturing the moment when three year old John F. Kennedy Jr., son of a felled President, stepped forward, and standing firmly at attention, rendered a final salute to his father, as President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's flag-draped casket was carried out from St. Matthew’s Cathedral.

"I knew I got it. The photo that told the WHOLE story!," Stan Stearns later said about the photograph. The image of John-John Kennedy’s farewell salute, that Stearns froze in time, is one that then, and now 50 years later, evokes a spectrum of emotions.

Jay Stearns is following in his father’s footsteps. "What I do is capture moments. Using the gift I inherited, gives me the ability to see, through my lens, the legacies that will be yours to treasure; heirlooms your family will cherish for generations to come."

Legacy Studios’ clients trust in Jay’s ability to capture their most important moments: Joyous, Powerful, Majestic, Intimate, Fragile and Vulnerable...however fleeting and emotional they may be. Jay invests his time in developing a relationship with each client, thus acquiring a sense of their spirit, expressions and emotions. This investment creates Family Heirloom Photographs that reflect your Lifestyle and portray your Legacy.

Legacy Studios - "Creating a Sense of Life"